Blogger vs. WordPress

I found an interesting comparision between the two main blog hosts– Blogger ( and WordPress.

One thing that stands out– WordPress allows you to import your blog from another site (such as Blogger), but Blogger does not. So, it seems that if your are going to start with one with the option to switch, start with Blogger.

It also sounds like Blogger is generally easier because you don’t have as many options are you do with WordPress.

Still working on finding out which is easier for people to find when searching the web. . .

Have a look at:

Hosted Blog Comparison: WordPress vs. Blogger
Good if you’re brand new to blogging and want just the basics

Blogger vs. Comparison Chart – 2008
A table itemising what each host will and won’t do

Which Blog Service is the best? WordPress vs Blogger vs LiveJournal
This guy tried both and ended up totally loving WordPress.


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